Revolutionary because we bring you quality, original content combined with a trustworthy marketplace to search and buy unique and memorable food and beverage experiences, and a mobile app to take your purchased experiences with you on your trip.

Our original content takes all wonderful stories, photos and videos of our food heroes in established and up-and-coming food destinations, and serves up the content to both visitors and local residents.

Unique because we focus on GeoCulinary regions. Our research shows, the majority of food travelers tend to think about food and beverage experiences in a regional context.

FoodTrekking is a next generation food magazine & marketplace for food lovers world-wide.

And aren't you tired of reading lists of restaurant or wine reviews and recipes? We are too. FoodTrekking goes far beyond these overused and boring types of content. With FoodTrekking, you'll be able to eat with your eyes, as you learn about the rich and delicious history of the world's food regions, and the people who make them some of the world's best food experiences.  FoodTrekking will bring you the highest quality editorial content, beautiful photography and compelling videos. You'll want to share FoodTrekking with your friends and family, again and again.  Get excited to discover your new favorite food region!

Yelp and TripAdvisor can only get you so far.

We said it before, but our publication truly is different. We only source material from the best up-and coming journalists and photographers because we want FoodTrekking to represent the best of the best. Do you have a story or a photograph you are dying to tell the world about? We can help. Our content is sourced through a competitive submission process, and we would love to see what you've got. Scroll down to send us your best photographs of the natural beauty and wonder of the world's food regions, or of the people that make them great. Send us your stories about your favorite food person, or your favorite local business or farm. What makes them amazing? FoodTrekking is a place to share our passion and love for food culture. We especially welcome work from people from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds.

A publication for the people and by the people. 

Submission Guidelines:

For articles: the preferred format for text submissions is Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), but we also accept plain text (.txt). Please do not submit articles in PDF (.pdf) form. Please cite all references using Chicago Style Guidelines.

Photos should be in .jpg, .png, or .tiff format with at least 300 dpi resolution and at least 300x300 pixels in size. We apologize but we cannot accept images in .ai. .psd or .eps file formats. Photos must be your own original work, and must state what kind of license you are authorizing. For license types, check the Creative Commons options here.

Please include a short biography (1-3 sentences).

We also need a statement giving us non-exclusive permission to publish the article. We will contact you before printing.

Submission does not guarantee publication. We reserve the right to edit for clarity, content and length. If your article is accepted, you will be asked to sign a non-exclusive copyright release.

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Pitch us at help(at)worldfoodtravel(dot)org.

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